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SUNDAY, 25 June 2017

15.30-16.30 Pre-registration

16.30-18.00 WELCOME RECEPTION with the Jacuzi’s band


MONDAY, 26 June 2017 “Low Vision Rehabilitation – a Global Right”

08.00-09.00 Registration

09.00-10.30 Symposia, workshops and parallel sessions

  • SYM01 ISLRR Symposium Congenital deafblindness (King Willem Alexander Plenary Room)
  • SYM02 ESLRR Symposium Cerebral visual impairment (I) (Amazon)
  • SYM03 ISLRR Symposium Interactive clinical case presentations (Central America)
  • PAR01 Parallel Epidemiology & public health (South America)
  • PAR02 Parallel Low vision & optical aids (Africa)
  • WSH01 Workshop Service delivery models (Antarctica)
  • WSH02 Workshop by Apple: iPad in 2-6 year olds (Asia)

10.30-11.15 Coffee break – Exhibition – Posters

  • 10.45-11.15 Open discussions Posters: P093-098 / P101-108 (Exhibition)

11.15-12.45 PLE01 Plenary opening ceremony by Vision 2020 the Netherlands “Low vision rehabilitation, a global right” (King Willem Alexander Plenary Room)

Welcome by:

  • prof. Ger van Rens, past-president ISLRR, organizer Vision 2017
  • prof. Jan Keunen, chair of Vision 2020 Netherlands
  • prof. Olga Overbury, president ISLRR
  • Jopie Nooren, senator, CEO Bartiméus, also on behalf of Royal Dutch Visio and Robert Coppes Foundation

PLE01 Keynote Lectures:

  • HRH Princess Margriet of the Netherlands, patron Vision 2020 Netherlands
  • Prof. Gordon Legge: The past, present and future of low-vision research, a personal perspective
  • Penny Hartin (WBU): Empowerment and the right to rehabilitation from a client’s perspective
  • Dr. Hans Limburg (Vision 2020 NL): The distribution of functional low vision in people aged 50 and above

Other sessions:

  • WSH03 Workshop by Apple: iPad in 6-10 year olds (Asia)

12.45-13.45 Lunch break – Exhibition – Posters        

  • 13.15-13.45 Poster Pitches P001-035 (Exhibition)
    • Low vision services
    • Epidemiology and public health
    • Aging and later life
    • Evidence based treatments
    • Reading and visual acuity
    • Dual sensory loss
    • ADL
    • Orientation and Mobility


  • 12.45-13.45      ISLRR board and executive committee meeting (South America)
  • 12.45-13.30      Photo and film presentation three Dutch centers of expertise for the visually impaired (Amazon)
  • 13.00-13.40      Movie: El Camino de Santiago de Compostela from another perspective  (Central America)

13.45-15.15 Symposia, workshops and parallel sessions

  • SYM04 Symposium Rehabilitation for people with hemianopia (King Willem Alexander Plenary Room)
  • SYM05 Symposium Parenting VI children (Amazon)
  • SYM06 ZonMw Symposium Research & implementation (Central America)
  • SYM07 ESLRR Symposium Epidemiology and services (South America)
  • PAR03 Parallel Orientation & mobility (Africa)
  • WSH04 Workshop by Apple: iPhone/iPad in 10-14 year olds (Asia)
  • WSH05 Workshop Service in low-resource settings? (Antarctica)

15.15-16.00 Coffee break – Exhibition – Posters

  • 15.30-16.00: Open discussions posters: P076-092 (Exhibition)

16.00-17.30 PLE02 Plenary Session by ESLRR and ISLRR “The changing face of low vision rehabilitation”  (King Willem Alexander Plenary Room)

  • PLE02 ESLRR Keynote lecture: prof. Gary Rubin: “30 years of achievements in low vision research”
  • PLE02 Plenary Symposium “Low vision rehabilitation research (I)”

Other sessions:

  • SYM08 Symposium Driving with low vision (Amazon)
  • PAR04 Parallel Accessibility (Central America)
  • PAR05 Parallel PS7 Children & VI (I) (South America)
  • WSH06 Workshop by Apple: iPhone/iPad in 14-18 year olds (Asia)

17.30-18.30 ESLRR board and executive committee meeting (South America)


TUESDAY, 27 June 2017 “Low Vision Rehabilitation across Generations”

09.00-10:30 PLE03 Plenary Session “Cerebral Visual Impairment in childhood”  (King Willem Alexander Plenary Room)

  • PLE03 ESLRR keynote lecture: prof. Els Ortibus “Cerebral visual impairment, a multifaceted disorder”
  • PLE03 Plenary Symposium Cerebral visual impairment (II)

Other sessions:

  • PAR06 Parallel best practice examples (Amazon)
  • PAR07 Parallel Children and VI (II) (Central America)

10.30-11.15 Coffee break – Exhibition – Posters

  • 10.45-11.15 Open discussions posters: P062-075 (Exhibition)

11.15-12.45 Symposia, workshops and parallel sessions

  • SYM09 Symposium Brain injury (King Willem Alexander Plenary Room)
  • SYM10 Symposium Models of care delivery (Amazon)
  • SYM11 Symposium Novel diagnostic tools in LVR (Central America)
  • SYM12 ESLRR Symposium Visual & oculomotor processes (South America)
  • PAR08 Parallel Children & VI (III) (Africa)
  • PAR09 Parallel Psychometrics/validation (Antarctica)
  • PAR10 Parallel Empowerment (Asia)

12.45-13.45 Lunch break – Exhibition – Posters

  • 13.15-13.45: Poster pitches: P036-071 (Exhibition)
    • Children and visual impairment
    • Intellectual disability
    • CVI
    • Neuropsychology and neuroscience
    • Reading
    • Visual functioning
    • Accessibility, environment and information


  • 12.45-13.45 ISLRR General meeting (South America)
  • 13.00-13.40 Movie: El Camino de Santiago de Compostela from another perspective  (Central America)

13.45-15.15 PLE04 Plenary Session “Vision and the brain” (King Willem Alexander Plenary Room)

  • PLE04 Erasmus Neuroscience Keynote: prof. Chris Harris “A nystagmus care pathway for all”
  • PLE04 ISLRR Plenary Symposium “Low vision and brain plasticity”

Other sessions:

  • WSH07 Bioptic Driving (Amazon)
  • SYM13 Symposium Attachment (Central America)
  • WSH08 Stimulating perception in children (South America)

15.15-16.00 Coffee break – Exhibition – Posters

  • 15.30-16.00 Open discussions posters: P047-061

16.00-17.30 Symposia, workshops and parallel sessions

  • SYM14 Symposium Eyes on the move (King Willem Alexander Plenary Room)
  • SYM15 ISLRR Symposium Acquired deafblindness (Amazon)
  • SYM16 Symposium Interventions in VI children (Central America)
  • SYM17 Prof. S. Wang Symposium Service developments in Asia (South America)
  • SYM18 ESLRR Symposium Mobility & visual field (Africa)
  • PAR11 Parallel Reading (Antarctica)
  • PAR12 Parallel Aging and later life (Asia)


WEDNESDAY 28 June 2017 “Technology and Adaptation to Vision loss”

08.00-09.00 Registration Daisy Consortium

08.00-9.00 SPO01 Multilens sponsored session: “New optical low vision devices – not just high additions” (Asia)

09.00-10:30 PLE05 Plenary Session welcoming Better Together conference “Technological innovations” (King Willem Alexander Plenary Room)

  • PLE05 Pepper and Dedicon Keynote lectures:
  • PLE05: Hector Minto, senior technology evangelist Microsoft
  • PLE05: Kiran Kaja: technical program manager (search accessibility) at Google
  • PLE 05: Vision 2017 keynote lecture: Arthur van Es, autonomous driving Volvo cars

Other sessions:

  • PAR13 Parallel Complex needs (I) (Central America)
  • PAR14 Parallel Visual functioning (South America)
  • SYM19 Symposium Accessible rehabilitation (Africa)

10.30-11.15 Coffee break – Exhibition – Posters

  • 10.45-11.15 Open discussions posters: P033-046  (Exhibition)

11.15-12.45 Symposia, workshops and parallel sessions

  • SYM20 ESLRR Symposium Technology  (King Willem Alexander Plenary Room)
  • SYM21 Better Together Discussions tables on future technology (I) (Amazon Foyer)
  • SYM22 Better Together Symposium Exciting technologies (Central America)
  • SYM23 Better Together Symposium Accessible images (I) (South America)
  • SYM24 ESLRR Symposium Psychosocial impact in old age (Amazon)
  • PAR15 Parallel Children & VI (IV) (Africa)
  • PAR16 Parallel Education (Antarctica)
  • WSH09 Master class Eye-tracking (Asia)

12.45-13.45 Lunch break – Exhibition – Posters

  • 13.15-13.45 Poster pitches P072-108 (Exhibition)
    • Automation, computer tech, E-health
    • Bionic eye, retinal implants
    • Education
    • Low vision aids & optical aids
    • Psychosocial functioning
    • Quality of life
    • Psychometric & validation studies


  • 12.45-13.45 ESLRR General meeting (Antarctica)
  • 13.00-13.40 Movie: El Camino de Santiago de Compostela from another perspective  (Central America)

13.45-15.30 PLE06 Plenary Session “Adaptation to visual disability in a sighted world” (King Willem Alexander) Plenary Room

  • PLE06 ESLRR Keynote lecture: dr. Hilde van der Aa: “Stepped-care & E-health for mental health problems”
  • PLE06 Plenary Symposium “Low vision rehabilitation research (II)”
  • PLE06 Award ceremony ISLRR travel grants

Other sessions:

  • SYM25 Symposium Better Together Discussion tables on future technology (II) (Amazon Foyer)
  • SYM26 Symposium Better Together Sharing information (Central America)
  • SYM27 Symposium Better Together Accessible images (II) (South America)
  • PAR17 Parallel Accessibility of information (Amazon)
  • PAR18 Parallel Reading (Africa)
  • WSH10 Workshop Safe Cycling (Antarctica)
  • WSH11 Workshop Prisms for hemianopia (Asia)

15.15-16.00 Coffee break – Exhibition – Posters

  • 15.30-16.00: Open discussions posters: P015-032 (Exhibition)

16.00-17.30PLE07 Plenary Session Closing ceremony Better Together conference (Amazon)

  • Dedicon Keynote lectures: George Kerscher, president Daisy Consortium; Martijn Aslander, stand-up philosopher

Other sessions:

  • SYM28 Symposium Evolution of devices for the visually impaired (King Willem Alexander Plenary Room)
  • SYM29 (Symposium Low vision standards (Central America)
  • SYM30 Symposium Lighting (South America)
  • PAR19 Parallel Quality of life (Africa)
  • PAR20 Parallel Cerebral visual impairment (III) (Antarctica)
  • PAR21 Parallel Best practice examples (Asia)

19.00-23.00 Conference Diner: Buena Vista Club Scheveningen [pdf]


THURSDAY, 29 june 2017 “Participation and society”

09.00-10:30 Symposia, workshops and parallel sessions

  • SYM31 Symposium Participation in VI & multiple disabilities (Amazon)
  • SYM32 Symposium Challenges in social participation (Central America)
  • SYM33 Symposium Eye-tracking in low vision rehabilitation (South America)
  • PAR22 Parallel Reading/visual acuity (King Willem Alexander Plenary Room)
  • PAR23 Parallel Occupational therapy (Africa)
  • PAR24 Complex needs (II) (Antarctica)
  • WSH12 Masterclass Prescribing bioptic telescopes for driving (II) (Asia)

10.30-11.15 Coffee break – Exhibition

  • 10.45-11.15 Open discussions Posters: P001-014 (Exhibition)

11.15-12.45 Plenary Session (8) “Low vision rehabilitation for better participation” (King Willem Alexander Plenary Room)

  • PLE08 Keynote lecture by dr. Filippo Amore: “WHO standards for low vision rehabilitation – a new perspective”
  • Levreta, VRS and Vision 2017 next generation award ceremony
  • Closing ceremony

13.00 Departure site visits

  • Bartiméus
  • Royal Dutch Visio
  • Robert Coppes Foundation