Confirmed sessions

Confirmed keynote lectures

Confirmed symposia

  1. Acquired deafblindness: rehabilitation challenges with older adults [pdf]
    • chair: Walter Wittich (ISLRR), Canada
  2. Congenital deafblindness: current and future challenges [pdf]
    • chair: Walter Wittich (ISLRR), Canada
  3. CVI from an integrated, international, interdisciplinary perspective [pdf]
    • chairs: Sander Zuidhoek & Christiaan Geldof, Netherlands
  4. CVI in children from an interdisciplinary perspective [pdf]
    • chairs: Susanne Trauzettel-Klosinski (ESLRR), Germany & Christiaan Geldof, Netherlands
  5. Evolution of devices for the visually impaired [pdf]
    • chairs: Antonio Filipe Macedo, Portugal/Sweden & Ava Bittner, USA
  6. Eyes on the move [pdf]
    • chairs: Hans van der Steen, Netherlands & Christopher Harris, UK
  7. Interactive vision rehabilitation clinical case presentations [pdf]
    • chairs: Mary Lou Jackson (ISLRR), USA & Anton Verezen, Netherlands
  8. Interventions in visually impaired children [pdf]
    • chair: Nienke Boonstra, Netherlands
  9. Lighting – the indispensable low vision aid [pdf]
    • chairs: Gregory Goodrich, USA & Peter Derksen, Netherlands
  10. Low vision and brain plasticity [pdf]
    • chairs: Bernhard Sabel, Germany & Joost Heutink, Netherlands
  11. Low vision rehabilitation models of care delivery [pdf]
    • chair: Alexis Malkin, USA
  12. Low vision standards [pdf]
    • chair: Jonathan Jackson, UK
  13. Low vision – understanding how low-level visual and oculomotor processes are specifically affected [pdf]
    • chair: Eric Castet (ESLRR), France
  14. Novel diagnostic tools in vision rehabilitation (visual processing) [pdf]
    • chair: Bianca Huurneman, Netherlands & Christopher Harris, UK
  15. Parenting of children with a visual impairment [pdf]
    • chair: Paula Sterkenburg, Netherlands
  16. Participation and health of adults with visual impairment and multiple disabilities [pdf]
    • chair: Aly Waninge, Netherlands
  17. Rehabilitation for people with hemianopia: the next step [pdf]
    • chairs: Gera de Haan, Joost Heutink, the Netherlands
  18. Research and implementation: a joined (ad)venture [pdf]
    • chair: Peter Verstraten, Netherlands
  19. Research-based psychosocial interventions for ageing people with sight loss [pdf]
    • chairs: Vera Heyl, Germany & Peter Verstraten, Netherlands
  20. Societal participation and psychosocial development from adolescence to young adulthood [pdf]
    • chair: Sabina Kef, Netherlands
  21. Tailor-made accessible rehabilitation in a global context [pdf]
    • chairs: Petra Wijen, Annelies Buurmeijer & Iris Schreurs, Netherlands
  22. Visual Impairment Due to Brain Injury; Clinical, Therapeutic, and Research-Related Topics [pdf]
    • chairs: Carolyn Carman, USA & Douwe Bergsma, Netherlands

Confirmed master classes & workshops

  1. Master class Driving with low vision [pdf]
    • Facilitators: Wim van Damme, Bart Melis-Dankers, Netherlands
  2. Master class Eye Tracking [pdf]
    • Facilitators: Johan Pel & Marlou Kooiker, Netherlands
  3. Service delivery models in low vision care [pdf]
    • Facilitators: Hasan Minto, Pakistan & Jonathan Jackson, Sumrana Yasmin, S May Ho, Jill Keeffe
  4. Which models of low vision service provision work best in low-resource settings? [pdf]
    • Facilitator: Karin van Dijk, Netherlands